Southwest Harvest Church

Revelation of Faith

1. Faith comes by hearing (Romans 10:17)
2. Be careful what you hear (Mark 4:24 AMP)
3. To build faith we must hear the Word of God (Romans 10:17)
4. The seed that produces faith is the Word (Luke 8:11)
5. The Word is power (Hebrews 1:3)
6. We must speak God’s Word to our mountains (Mark 11:23) (Don’t speak about your mountains speak to your mountains!)
7. Speaking the Word is like sowing seed (Mark 4:26-29)
8. Seed sown upon good soil will grow (Luke 8:15) (It’s up to us to keep the soil of our heart good soil)
9. Growth is a process (Mark 4:26-29) (Blade…ear…full corn in ear…then harvest)
10. Be patient like the farmer (Jas. 5:7; 2Tim. 2:6)
11. Ask for rain (Zech: 10:1)
12. Watch for the little foxes (Song of Solomon 2:15)
13. Don’t despise small things (Zech 4:10)
14. Get the sickle ready (Mark 4:29)
15. Don’t grow weary, don’t lose heart…you will reap (Galatians 6:9)

Psalm 107:20
He sent His Word and healed them (delivered them from the pit and destruction).
NOTE: He will send His Word through you!

Amos 9:13 “…Plowman will one day overtake the reaper” (Harvest is coming quickly!)