Southwest Harvest Church

This could be the day!

What to do while waiting on your miracle…

Is.40:31 “…those that WAIT upon the Lord shall mount up…”
Wait: to bind together, to twist…like a vine wrapping itself around a tree.
As you wait you are wrapping yourself around the Lord, by wrapping yourself around His
Word. To wait means also to “expect”…our expectation is in the Lord.

The way we wrap around the Lord as we wait is to…

Lk.18:1; 2Chr.7:14
• Worship-Jn.4:23; Ps.68:1-3
• Confess-Heb.10:23; Ro.10:8-9
• Believe-Acts 16:31
• Obey-Jn.2:5; Heb.11:6
• A.S.K.-Mt.7:7; Jas.4:3; 1 Jn.3:22
• Fast-fasting connects you to heaven and disconnects you from
• Stand-with eyes on Jesus…2 Chr.19:12; Heb.12:1-2

• Pray-Mt.21:13;

Ps.112:8 He will not be afraid as he waits, until he sees his desire upon his enemies. (enemy-
anything that keeps Gods promises being fulfilled in your life)

We’ve come to far to give up now…Don’t Quit!

Heb.12:1 “the witnesses are watching…”
Eph.6:9 You will reap, if you don’t faint.
“Sometimes these things are done with great delight. At other times it’s done by shear
discipline, sometimes with great passion at other times shear perseverance”