Southwest Harvest Church

Financial Confession

I believe You for, jobs and better jobs…raises, bonuses, and increase.
Thank You for benefits…may You prosper the company that I work for, so they are able to give better benefits.

Thank You for sells and commission to increase. I declare I will sell my house, my car, and anything I have to sell, the right buyer will come my way, a sell will be made.

Thank You for favorable settlements, estates and inheritances. Thank You for interest, income, rebates and returns to come my way. I
believe You for checks in the mail, for gifts and surprises, for money found.

Thank You for debts and bills paid off. I declare that You will give me wisdom to decrease my expenses and I will have more to give. I declare, I will keep my heart free from greed and covetousness and from the love of money.

Thank You for blessings and increase that I will use for Your glory and for the spreading of the gospel. Thank You for being my God and my Father, who will supply all my needs, according to Your riches in glory. Thank You for giving me treasures and riches that are hidden away.

I believe You for ideas, inventions and improvements. You will give me the wisdom I need to gain wealth, so all will know that You are LORD!

Thank you Lord for Supernatural debt cancellation…Supernatural multiplication…Supernatural lost and found..Supernatural recovery from recession…Supernatural restoration of all that is mine. I pray this in Jesus name, Amen! (2Kings 4:1-7;5:42-44;6:1-7;24-7:20;8:1-6)